Call for Advocacy

In Virginia we're asking to draft legislation, and this is out most time-pressing issue since they are about to go to session. Even though the US timeline isn't as pressing, I still think it's good to go ahead and get it done while you are on a roll. Sometimes small acts like this one can be swept into the umbrella of a big law, so it's good to get your voice heard early while plans are being made.

In the US Senate, the bill has gone to the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee. Check out the committee page: if any of you have family members (grandparents!!) in any of the states that the committee members are from it is especially important to get them to write.

In the House, the bill is in the Energy and Commerce Committee. If you want to follow the action of the bill here's the website:

A Sample Letter to The Honorable Senator Stosch

A Sample Letter to The Honorable Eric Cantor

A Sample Letter to The Honorable Mark Warner


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